Red and Pep – Fly Bird, Fly! – A bedtime short story for Kids Ages 3-5 years and above about dealing with bullying – Elisa Anderson

A bedtime story for kids aged 4 – 6 years and above about how to deal with emotional bullies
A young bird named Pep is ready to learn to fly but some mean birds are making it very difficult for him to focus and are making fun of his failure to fly.
How will Pep overcome these nasty birds and continue to learn to fly?
Find out in this short bedtime story for kids to show them how best to deal with folks who will try to break their spirits by making them feel bad about themselves.
A guaranteed bedtime story for toddlers, preschoolers and kids aged 3-5 who will love to listen to this enjoyable colorful story
Many benefits are to be gained from this book as:
•It’s fun to read and is very colorful
•One of the most enjoyable moral storybooks for kids that you’ll come across!
•A lovely bedtime story for kids of ages 3-5
•A suitable children’s Book for beginner readers
•A very colorful picture book for children of ages 3-5
•A short and funny bedtime story that preschoolers and kids will love
•Great to use as a beginner reading book for kindergarten
•A fun early reader books for children