Remember Me: How My Soul Connection With Animals Helped Me Recover From A Severe Brain Injury – Linda Nija Nations

“Remember Me” is about a journey, a sometimes exciting, often humorous and periodically painful journey of seven and half years of my life following a very serious brain injury, when my life changed dramatically after a fall from my horse and subsequent craniotomy. I had been a type AAA personality, multi-tasker extraordinaire, running a thriving counseling practice, supervising practicum and internship students from the university, training and supervising therapists, conducting intensive psychotherapy workshops, and facilitating women’s experiential workshops. I even administered my husband’s alternative medicine office. The injury damaged the right frontal lobe of my brain, the area that deals with executive functions (i.e., multi-tasking). Thereafter I was only able to operate on one track at a time, the immediate moment. I had been the earth mother, the person that people counted on to be the real-world stable one. After my accident, many of the people in my life did not know how to be around me. I didn’t even know how to be around myself. I was in the hospital nine days, six of which were in the ICU. I stopped breathing during the craniotomy and had to be intubated. Later, my neurosurgeon would tell me that most people with my kind of injury generally do not survive. Even though I was radically altered, I did survive. It took me several years to discover why. This book describes in detail my struggles—when I often thought dying would have been far easier. Soon after arriving home from the hospital I began to have unusual encounters with wild animals. Most of the encounters I wrote about in a journal. I spoke very little to anyone about them. Over the next several years though many people would walk out of my life, including my husband, the animals, both wild and domestic, were always there for me—supporting me, encouraging me, nurturing me—and through an amazing shift in my own consciousness, communicating with me. They, not humans, became my familiars, fellow travelers on the earth plane. We operated in the same reality—the present moment. We recognized and understood each other. The animals opened a whole new paradigm for me as they taught me about their amazing level of awareness regarding all creation; their ability to love unconditionally; to forgive easily and to lighten my many moments of despair. Animals were not only my familiars, they became my best friends, my mentors, and guides. What at first seemed like a tragedy I have since realized is an amazing gift. My wish is that this book speaks to those with traumatic brain injuries and their families, animal lovers of all kinds, those of you who have had inklings that animals are not so very different from us, as well as those who need the encouragement to overcome what might seem to be insurmountable odds. We can all be as the phoenix rising out of the ashes. I am honored to have you journey with me.