Retirement Years, The New Dawn – Sanjeev Sareen

Whether retirement is right around the corner or a little far away, you deserve a retirement that’s a fitting reward for a lifetime of hard work. This book should be your essential companion.
This book is for:
People in their thirties, or forties who know they have to start preparing for retirement but aren’t exactly sure how yet.
It is also for People in their fifties, sixties, and beyond.
People who are much past the retirement age will find value in this book.
Retirement, like any major transition in life, comes with a whole array of emotions and worries. More than the financial and physical health aspects of Retirement, the emotional aspects require more attention. By thoughtfully planning, you can help ease the overwhelming emotions of this significant life transition, and spend more time enjoying your new life to the fullest.

Using the guidance and insight provided in this book, anyone, at any stage of their life, can find the ways to a dynamic and fulfilling life ahead. The key is, bringing transformation from loss of identity, which comes with retirement, to sense of purpose.

Society views us that way and makes us believe that after a certain stage of retirement, we are largely useless. And unfortunately, it sinks within many of us. We don’t have to allow that. This book will inspire us and tell us how to take retirement as a stage to grow not stop. People in the retirement stage are too young to be old. It has nothing to do with aging.

“Retirement years” is an inspirational guide that encompasses all aspects of life mainly physical health, mental health, spiritual health, and financial health. The normal focus or advice on retirement is on the financial part of it. But the wisdom in this book will prove to be much more than the money you have to save.

This book is not only for those who are in the retired stage but also for everyone facing challenges in life and finding life boring and lonely. This is a must-read for anyone struggling to find happiness in daily life and wanting to avoid living out a retired life of mediocrity.

We have the potential for happy retirement but for that, we have to plan and make it happen. Retirement years will prove to be the best period provided you plan on what you would do next. You only have to design it that way, no one else will do it for you. Since nothing will happen automatically, and you don’t have to wait for fate to decide for you what to do next, this book will be of help to plan and reinvent yourself.

It’s an easy read, yet with each page, you will be engaged and perhaps inspired. It’s a purposeful guide to help you appreciate and learn what to expect when you are retired, including the challenges.

Retirement may be different for each of you but the purpose of a happy retirement is to have a retirement with purpose. This book will guide you to discover the process of retirement and generate purpose in your retirement life.