Return of the Death God: Stories – Connor de Bruler

“Hard-boiled is what you’re going to get with Connor de Bruler’s superb collection of short stories. For those who like their movies R-rated, with no filler, no moral restrictions, no magical resolutions, just gritty and raw storytelling. An absolute page-turner, with equal parts intensity and brevity.” — Jonathan R. Rose, Carrion, The Spirit of Laughter and Gato Y Lobo.

“de Bruler’s collection rocks between Pizzolatto and Pynchon and defines the American geography of character with precision, and the occasional laugh-out-loud line: a catalog of the underprivileged whose decadence and charm is unsettling and startling.” — Walker Zupp, British Wittgenstein Society

“Connor de Bruler’s writing is magnetic.” — Sam Lichtman, writer/director of Astray