Revelation (Blood of Angels: Book 1) – Paula Arwen Owen

She thought high school was Hell. The truth was much worse.

Constantly bullied at school for always wearing black and sporting a wicked attitude, Desdemona is used to being called a witch. Although her friend Rachel envisions herself as an occult expert, Des never believed in the supernatural. Then strange things begin happening that make her question reality.

As cryptic nightmares of a burning city begin to merge into waking glimpses of a world of demons and darkness, she’s not sure if she’s gaining psychic powers or losing her mind.
When even her closest friends begin to ostracize her, she turns to the handsome strangers she meets on the subway for comfort. While dark haired and brooding Adrian captures her heart, mysterious green eyed Cyrus intrigues her, especially since he seems to know something about her dark visions.
With her days at school starting to resemble hell on earth, Des finds clues lurking in the streets and underground tunnels of New York City. Her distraught mother searches for religious advice to help with the unusual problems arising at home.

When Des tries to stop a new friend from doing something terrible, she discovers that the lines between good and evil are blurred, and she has inherited a dark destiny beyond anything she could imagine.

Her choices will determine the fate of the world.