Roderick: Vigilante Demigod – Robert Gaspari

Roderick is the trickster demigod son of the horned god of the forest and a human female huntress and he walks among humanity in these modern times. The gods of old are long gone and forgotten, but scores of their half-blood offspring roam the earth and hide in plain sight.

The trained hunter moves from city to city as needed to keep his existence a secret and gathers devotees and followers from the disadvantaged homeless humans he lives with. They provide the necessary energy he needs to sustain his near immortality and powerful magical abilities. Roderick protects the downtrodden from those who prey on the weak and delivers vigilante justice where the punishment befits the crime.

He linked the rise in violent crime plaguing his new neighborhood to a new brand of street drug contaminated with magic by another demigod. Roderick cannot walk away from one of his own kind taking advantage of the humans he lives and works with. He undertakes a quest to root out the source of the poisoned drugs and take on the evil demigod in a fight to the death. His devotees and followers pray he will emerge victorious.