Romance… Push The On Button! – Paul Gaughan

Do you long for the best relationship possible? Do you crave for a partner who is engaged, connected, loving and romantic? Then look no further because this book is for you.
This amazing, easy to follow, effective guide is a book like no other. Imagine easily turning your man into a romantic! Imagine having a partner who is there for you, no matter what, and waking up every day to the certainty and security of knowing your man not only loves you with all his heart, but lives for showing you that in a million ways for the rest of your lives.
At last, Paul Gaughan, a man with years of counselling experience, understands women’s needs for romance, love and affection. But the author also understands men’s ingrained nature which automatically produces the opposition that stops men from being romantic. By explaining in detail these differences and the step by step simple process to diffuse them, the author opens the door for men and women to be closer and happier than ever before.
No longer do you have to be left at home worrying and wishing your man would one day just “get it”. Armed with all the tips, understanding, insights and information in this book, you can take back the control of your relationship and watch your happiness skyrocket.
The author explains how women’s fruitless attempts, going around in circles trying to communicate their needs ends in frustration and giving up. It’s time to take the endless conflict and all the despair away for good. The author reveals superbly how to dismantle those long standing barriers and walls and allow a couple to experience a deep, loving, romantic connection every day of their lives.
This revolutionary volume reveals how any woman can once again experience the romance that new lovers have when they are entirely smitten with each other. But more than that, it provides the insight, the tools and the know how, in order to keep romance burning in your relationship for the rest of your life.
Take this incredible opportunity to make your relationship what you dreamed it could be. You deserve to be happy. Buy the book, live the results.

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