Save Me – Aria Grayson

Years ago, Aidan joined the army as an idealist with big dreams, determined to save the world. That was before he made a crucial mistake that cost the life of the man he loved. Now he’s living without purpose and drinking to forget… until he sees a stranger about to lose an unfair fight, and finally has a reason to put his life—and his heart—on the line again.

Liam cares about two things in life: using his law degree to make the world a better place, and keeping his younger brother Jamie out of trouble. He doesn’t need anything—or anyone—else. But when he confronts Jamie’s abusive boyfriend and finds his career and his life in jeopardy, Liam is forced to admit there are some threats he can’t handle on his own.

After Aidan saves Liam from the hired goons sent after him, Liam thinks he’ll never see his mysterious rescuer again. But Aidan sees a chance to make up for his past wrongs—and his one meeting with Liam has awakened a spark inside him that he thought was gone forever. When he offers to become the brothers’ live-in bodyguard, Liam swallows his pride and accepts… but he soon discovers that Aidan represents a new kind of danger, one that threatens to tear down the walls Liam has built around his heart.

Save Me is a full-length gay romance novel with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a happy ending. Note: This book contains references to physical and emotional abuse.