Scars of My Guardian Angel – Russell Martin

Throughout time, many religions have presented differing beliefs of the afterlife. Whatever they may be, we surely all have a final destination.

Ask yourself: Is there a heaven or a hell? When I die will I simply cease to exist and my body turns to dust? If I make it to heaven, what will I do for all eternity? Will I see and know my family and friends? What about angels and demons, are they real?

The souls of millions hang in the balance as the last days of earth grow near. Chado Cole has been chosen by God for a unique mission. Uriel, his Guardian Angel, has watched over and protected him from birth and now also into the afterlife. Lucifer has managed to receive bits and pieces of information through his demonic forces, that God is using Chado to somehow spoil his bounty of lost souls.

Under the command of God, Uriel is to lead Chado on this incredible journey through the snares of Satan’s demonic forces, to complete a task that was set in motion six thousand years ago!

Let the true events of the author’s life mixed with his fictional imagination carry you through the portals of the unknown.