Secrets of Sea Pines: The Battle for Hilton Head Island’s Treasure – Robert J. Perreault

The buried legacy of a lawless time is about to become the quest of a lifetime…

Famed explorer, William Hilton landed ashore one night in 1662 and proceeded to bury a treasure on what is now Hilton Head Island. His death shortly thereafter, and subsequent loss of his last will and testament turned what should have been his crowning achievement into a massive loss for his bloodline. To this day, the treasure has never been found. But that hasn’t stopped others from seeking it.

Charles Gramer grew up in nearby Hinesville, Georgia devouring tales of adventure and swashbuckling mischief. He meets Mary Wheaton on a train to Boston. Together, they stumble upon William Hilton’s missing will and are immediately drawn into the mystery. Their newfound love creates a formidable partnership on a quest to find the treasure of a lifetime. What they get is far worse than they imagined.

Along the twisting path of clues, they come across drug lords, mafia leaders and other treasure hunters all in search of the riches for themselves. It will take all of their cunning and survival instincts to stay one step ahead of them. This harrowing journey is filled with love, danger, betrayal, and deception all leading them to question whether finding Hilton’s missing treasure is worth it or not.

Even if they succeed, there is the real chance their problems are only just beginning.