Seven Sins of The Apocalypse – Justin Robinso, Dale Drake, Alice J. Black, Kate L. Mary, Jessica Gomez, Sylvester Barzey, Erin Sweet-Al Mehairi

Societies have decayed. Morality barely exists. Feast your eyes upon Seven Sins of The Apocalypse.

Seven fresh tales of the seven deadly sins set in the apocalypse! Seven amazing authors tell seven succulent stories of what the seven deadly sins look like in the apocalypse. Grab this anthology to discover seven fresh looks at your favorite sin, whether it’s Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Pride, Sloth, or Wrath.

The authors that contributed their talent to this astounding anthology include:
Justin Robinson – Kodiak
Dale Drake – Et Ex Diaboli
Alice J. Black – Hollow Sanctuary
Kate L. Mary – Greed Comes Knocking
Jessica Gomez – What Remains
Sylvester Barzey – Lisa
Erin Sweet-Al Mehairi – The Cuyahogan Mysteries