She Wolf – Maya Morrison

When I was young, I met a boy at the waterfall on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Our pack was prohibited from venturing there. But being the alpha’s only child and a bit of a social misfit, it became my second home.
Tiam and I became best friends, experiencing each other’s firsts and building an unbreakable bond. Until fate caught up with us, and I had no choice but to reject him, to protect him from myself and my pack. It was the wrong choice, leaving me more shunned and outcasted than before.
Years later, ostracized and sick of dealing with the alpha holes in Sibyl Falls, I plan my escape, and that all goes to shit when my biggest secret is uncovered. To make matters worse, young girls in our pack start disappearing, and no one takes it seriously until one of those girls turns out to be someone I care deeply about.
On the run and trying to Nancy Drew this shit, I find myself working with the most unlikely ally, Damen Elder, the once heir to the largest shifter pack in the realms. He is deadly, sexy, and wounded. Yet, we are like colliding stars, unable to resist the pull and heat of our attraction. As the danger thickens and secrets begin to unravel, I discover his fate and mine are more interlinked than I could have ever imagined.