Sheep in the Midst of Wolves: I’m With Jesus and My Bipolar Struggles Are Over – Matthew Butler

My name is Matthew Butler.

I had bipolar.

I don’t anymore.

They murdered me.

Jesus restored me to life.

There is nothing ordinary about mental illness. But there is something extraordinary about how Matthew Butler lived with it.

Like all of us Matthew was a sinner. But unlike most of us, Matthew had bipolar.

In this posthumous memoir, written from the perspective of his mother and inspired by his life and writings, we learn an important truth. No matter your circumstances, even if you lose your mind, you always have hope for healing. This hope in Matthew was cultivated by his unswerving faith in Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Matthew’s faith, sometimes obscured in clarity by his illness, was kept alive by his positive attitude and hope.

He took a wild trip to Vegas that landed him in a psych ward. Later he married and was blessed with two beautiful children he adored. Ultimately the Lord tamed his illness through diagnosis and treatment.

Still, he struggled from time to time.

Matthew shared the hope of Jesus with two men one night at the recording studio he owned. Those two men violently stole Matthew’s, and a friend’s life that night.

But they couldn’t steal the most precious gift that Matthew had received.

Eternal life.

Matthew has now been cured of bipolar as he lives in heaven with his healer.

If you come to know Matthew’s Savior – you can be healed, because he’s your Savior too.