Sleep Potato, Sleep! A Picture Book for Kids Ages 3-5 years to help kids sleep at night – Elisa Anderson

If your kids are scared of the dark this book will help them sleep!
All over the world, kids speak in different languages and wear different clothes but at night they are all scared of the same thing – The Dark!
This book will help kids gain their self confidence when sleeping at night as it brings a very simple solution to being afraid of the dark!

A fun moral boosting story made entirely of Paper Cut-outs.
Kids will love to read this book as the characters are made entirely of paper cut-outs making it a fun and engaging read.
Get this book and read to your kids so they can boost their self-confidence at bedtime after they hear the story about the Potato that could not sleep at night and how he was able to overcome his fear of the dark!

A bedtime story book that toddlers, preschoolers and kids aged 3-5 and above are sure to enjoy!
Be sure to add this delightful bedtime story book for kids to your children’s library as:
•It’s fun to read aloud as the story is easy to read
•A short story with repetitive phrases to encourage kids to master the words as the read
•The illustrations are done entirely out of paper cut-outs which are bright and colorful to grab the attention of younger readers
•A good book to be added to any list of bedtime stories for kids of ages 3-5 and above
•An entertaining children’s Book for beginner readers
•A beautifully drawn and colorful picture book for children of ages 3-5 3-5 and above
•Suitable to use as a beginner reading book for kindergarten
•A fun book to be added to any list of early reader books for children
•A book suitable for young children of the following reading levels: I Can Read level 1, I Can Read level 2, I Can Read level 3 and I Can Read level 4.