Solo Ads – Zach Bradley

Whether you have a blog, a product or service website, or another type of online venue or marketing platform you’re trying to promote, the one thing that defines success for you is traffic. If people don’t know what you and your business have to offer, then how will they become interested and perhaps even give you money? When most people start down the path of internet marketing, they hit up the usual suspects to attract traffic—social media websites, personal landing pages, email blasts and other bulk advertising, etc. Sadly, this approach is more akin to throwing a torn fishing net into the sea and praying for a decent haul, rather than the smart marketing solutions required to build a profitable customer base quickly. And if you try to grow your subscriber list the old-fashioned way — making your website and sitting tight or asking customers to refer your business by word of mouth — a decade might pass before your potential client base would grow enough to allow you to earn decent profits. Why wait? Why not capitalize on the hard work and experience of others, gaining access to their potential lead base, and advertise your product or website to targeted niches and get an immediate return on your investment? This book will guide you on doing exactly that, through a little-known mechanism called “Solo Ads.” If you’re ready to learn everything you need to know to get started quickly and see a profit in a matter of days, then let’s get going!