Songbird Ascension – Khira Allen

A dying student. A visionary scientist. Civilization-crushing conflict.
Michael Carr stands at the edge of death. A bright young student, he is living out his final years on the quiet shores of Lake Superior, knowing that a genetic disorder will destroy his lungs. Even as Michael struggles to accept his fate, a new hope emerges in the reports of breakthroughs in human-machine augmentation. Seeking a lifeline, Michael accepts a scholarship offer to study under the tutelage of the renowned and enigmatic Professor Arjun Khatri, who strives to expand the human mind through brain-computer connections, transcending the limitations of biology.
As their paths cross, Michael becomes instrumental in a critical breakthrough in Professor Khatri’s research, with consequences that neither of them could have predicted. An unstoppable technological tsunami sweeps the world. Can Michael cheat death? Can the emerging post-human race cross the cataclysmic chasm separating them from the loved ones they’ve left behind?