Speak & Meet Virtually: Go from Zoom Fatigue, Online Meeting Boredom, and Impersonal Presentations to Engaging, Efficient, and Empowering Web Conferencing – Mike Acker

The COVID-19 lockdowns may be over but virtual communication is here to stay and the companies that can embrace the new technology without losing their core will have the best shot at succeeding. The new normal includes workers that expect greater flexibility, changing modes of interactions, and the decline of geographical limitations.

This has created a unique opportunity for those individuals and companies willing to invest in upping their game:

Companies that embrace the new normal will gain a competitive edge over those who don’t, especially as they are able to attract and retain talent uninterested in the old desk and cubicle routine.

Individuals who invest in excelling at virtual communication will stand out against the multitudes satisfied with mediocrity.

In his newest book, Speak Virtually, best-selling author of Speak With No Fear (now in its second edition) Mike Acker shows you how to go from Zoom fatigue, online meeting boredom, and impersonal presentations to engaging, efficient, and empowering web conferencing.
This book is high on impact and low on fluff. Its four sections represent the key concepts that you and your company must master and teach your team:
1. Engage: How to effectively connect with the other participants as people, not pictures on a screen.
2. Attend: How to get and give the most as a participant in virtual meetings.
3. Lead: How to lead great meetings that people will want to attend.
4. Set Up: How to choose the right equipment and software and prepare your “virtual office space” for maximum impact.

Designed to be a quick, practical guide that will have a measurable impact by the end of Chapter 1, Speak Virtually is also filled with highly actionable tips:
– 60 Second Fixes: Quick changes you can make immediately to improve your virtual communication.
– Virtual opportunity: Under-appreciated advantages of online communication.
– Ergo-tips: Practical advice that help both your body and your communication.

What are you waiting for? It’s not too late to become a “Zoom rock star”— don’t waste another minute in ineffective and impersonal virtual meetings!