Start Fresh from Head to Heart to Toe: How to Give Yourself a Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Makeover – Luna Parker

This ebook has information, advice, and suggestions a’plenty on ways you can achieve a complete physical, emotional, and spiritual makeover to give yourself a second chance at becoming the person you want to be in life. If you are looking for a major lifestyle transformation for the better and want to make changes to yourself both on the inside and out, then this book will give you all the great tips and advice you need. We will take a look at the individual areas of physical, emotional, and spiritual improvement, giving you an outline of how you can change your life in each of these areas. By making these improvements, you will be gathering important pieces and components that will cumulatively transform your entire being, from head to heart to toe! Just remember to have faith in yourself and keep moving forward on life’s journey, and remember you are never too old to get a makeover!