Starting a Podcast in 2020 – Jim Cliff

Everything you need to know to start your podcast and get listeners.

Podcasts are booming, and the buzz is only getting louder. But how can you start your own podcast and avoid making all the expensive and time-consuming mistakes that many beginners make? Experienced podcaster and podcast consultant Jim Cliff will walk you through the whole process from start to finish.

By the end of Starting a Podcast in 2020, you’ll learn all the insider knowledge on:

What microphones and other equipment you need to make your podcast sound amazing without breaking the bank
Where to find experts who will be eager to appear on your show
How to record with co-hosts over the internet, but sound like you’re in the same room
The free and low cost trade-secret tools that experienced podcasters use to save time and make their podcasts more professional
Everything you need to get listeners who will subscribe to your show and keep coming back
How your exciting new hobby can start to pay for itself within weeks