Stone of Destiny – David Miller

An Ancient Evil Stalks Modern Day Boston

A Boston cop. A Celtic demi-goddess warrior woman. A centuries old Japanese vampire. And a race to find an ancient artifact that can command armies. In modern day Boston. Yeah, right.

If encountering a warrior woman on horseback, complete with chain mail and a sword, didn’t blow Sean Regan’s mind—a former police detective recently busted down to patrol—the red-clad leprechaun carrying a magic lantern, and the giant, bloodthirsty vulture that exploded into a puff of smoke certainly did.

Add to that a series of bizarre murders—bodies whose very souls were sucked from them—freaky October snowstorms, a deadly search for an ancient Celtic artifact called Lia Fáil, and a pesky vampire on the loose, all leave Regan’s grasp on reality tenuous at best.

Crap like that doesn’t happen in modern day Boston. Does it?

The Irish Cycle Series – A unique urban fantasy adventure with a mix of mythological and supernatural elements set in contemporary Boston.