Stop sabotaging and cracking yourself!: Start living a full life with this positive thinking book. – Brian Bersin

Your mind and body are doing their best to cope with life, events, and circumstances. However, these coping mechanisms still don’t work to your advantage?!

The bad news is that all these internal and external influences have a tremendous effect on your self-concept. In other words, the quality of your life is a true reflection of your emotional state of mind.

The good news is that beginning today; you will begin to take constructive and meaningful steps to strengthen your self-esteem book and change the way you live your life.

This stress-off book offers you tried and tested (and science-based) positive thinking book approaches as well as simple, but working tips to help you get out the stress of your head and back into your full life.
A mind is a great place – but when it’s getting too much, it’s good to know how to take a break. It’s not exactly about having an empty mind; it’s about getting back to the breath. Not “later,” but right now. Just trust the process, and unf*ck yourself.
Some of these guidelines are simple and quick to implement, while others can take a little longer. But I promise you, it’ll keep you hooked till the very last word of this Unf*ck Yourself Book.
It’s time for you to unfuck yourself – keep reading to find out how!