Tales of the Demon – Josephine Leonard

Tales From The Demon, A Short Story Collection is based on scenes, mentions and insinuations from The Holy Bible – Genesis 1-5 and certain aspects of demonology, spirituality and historical folklore.

When The Light Came
The demons inhabiting the dark, sunless earth suddenly find themselves in trouble when the world begins to brighten.

Lilith of the Red Sea
The first woman is created.

The Creation of the Garden
Asmodeus notices that there is now a walled garden in his territory.

The Calling Of The Demon
Lilith, the world’s first human and demonic sorceress meets her demon for the first time.

Lilith, Asmodeus and Jezebel
Lilith’s demon meets Jezebel for the first time.

Outside The Garden
Adam and Eve’s first few nights after being thrown from the garden for eating the forbidden fruit of the tree of life.

Whence They Came
The Beginning Chapter 1 – The beginning of the world, according to demons.