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Ten Thousand Shells and Counting: A Heart-wrenching and Gripping War Memoir (Book 1) – Nadija Mujagic

Get a glimpse of what a war in a city under siege looks like!

Sarajevo 1992: a page-turning witness account of teenage life in a city at war that will immerse you in a world where survival is the only thought.

At the age of fourteen, Nadija watches from her window as tanks roll into the airport across the street. It’s the beginning of the Serbian siege of the Bosnian capital. When a sniper kills their next-door neighbor, Nadija and her family are forced to flee. Where can they find safe refuge? How does this young girl cope during the terrifying and seemingly never-ending war?

Ten Thousand Shells and Counting is the true and occasionally humorous story of a teenager who learns to survive under the brutal war-sculpted lifestyle and losses under siege.