The 12 Books of Christ Within: Book One (A) This Spirit Called “CHRIST” – David K N Lekwa

The Greatest Story Ever!
God is in Search of a People to Call His Own
But He is not the only one searching for us; we have gone to very scandalous extents in search of this same One and only true loving God.
Does anyone remember Babel? That tower of falsehood, built by men of this world, as a symbol of our various religions, sects and their doctrines, in our futile efforts to reach God. Well, Babel failed! How great was the fall of it! And what a desolation that was! We are now antagonists in our different beliefs.
However, amidst the Babel of voices, God has spoken, through Christ. Christ is the anointed one of God, sent to reveal to all men the way back to God.
There is no need for a repetition in Christ if the first time was effective. But we are exactly where Adam fell to; therefore the same words of Jesus must repeat themselves until they take root in our life. For more than 2000 years, those words have kept their secret, patiently waiting for one to wrestle it from them. The appointed time has come, and they yield willingly.
Christ Within is a “plain” interpretation of the entire ministry of Jesus as seen through the pure eyes of Jesus –John 16:25.
Talk of the many unfulfilled promises in Christ! Many faithful believers in him are getting skeptical. Time has passed, many have closed their eyes in the sleep of death, the name of Christ is being constantly blasphemed; it is almost like a big hoax?
I have Good News for you! No word of Jesus shall pass until they are all fulfilled, and the hour is now! It is all in “The 12 Books of Christ Within”. You can’t look any further. And in forty days! Forty days! All the promises of Christ you have been waiting for would be staring you in the face.

This is the last book you will read on Christ and on all the matters of which he is the only faithful witness.