The 12 Books of Christ Within: Book Two (B) A Spirit Called “PURITY” – David K N Lekwa

Water Baptism & Purity
Water Washes Dirt & Filth From the Body
Genuine Repentance Washes Sinful Impurities from the Spirit
These are the most provocative themes in this book. Read all about Purity. Who is he? How can we attain to be pure? Holiness is of great offence to Christ and Jesus never hid this from anyone, as we shall see in this book.
John the Baptist personifies this Purity; he is the forerunner of Christ or “one sent to prepare his way”. We need not go from house to house looking for Christ, he is not there, yet he is everywhere. We need only to create his condition of purity and Christ would reveal himself to us.
Purity refers both to the spirit and to the spiritual condition he creates within us. He is the bride to whom the groom shall come. If Purity dwells in a man, a city or nation, the same man, city or nation, becomes the bride waiting for Christ — the groom.
Unfortunately, purity is not holiness: the two are inversely related, and none can lead to the other. Holiness is physical, he is of this world, he is the falsehood and he dwells in the rich places of the earth. He is an enemy to Christ. Purity is the truth, he is a spirit from above and he dwells in the wilderness of nothingness. He ushers in the Christ.
John is the only authority on purity, and no matter how many times Christ is expected to visit us, purity must first be present to herald him.
As we await the Second Coming of Christ, this is the only book that teaches us the name or nature of purity and how to attain to be one with him.