The 40-Day Breakthrough Prayer Journal – Chinedum Azuh

There’s something unusual about the number 40, and there’s something powerful about praying with scriptures. Put the two together and you are ready to experience a dramatic turnaround in every facet of your life!

Whether you need a breakthrough in your career, finances, research, project, marriage or something else, this material will help you stay focused on the wonder-working power of God in your life through guided journaling.

Use this journal to chronicle your own spiritual journey to breakthrough and all-around blessing.

There are four sections in this journal that will help you in this spiritual journey:
Bible Quotations – Each day begins with a Bible verse to guide and prepare your spirit for the day’s spiritual program.
Prayer Prompts – You will be guided on what to pray for and how to go about it.
Notes – Every day of your breakthrough journey has a place to record your prayers. It will also help you keep track of how your prayers answered.
Reflection – This section gives you the opportunity to ponder over Bible verses, your life, and your spiritual walk.

Welcome to your season of undeniable breakthrough and all-around blessing!