The 7 Concepts of Customer Service – Joshua Kangley

What if your company saw a raise in the standards of customer service? Would your business receive better online reviews? What if your company received more business from satisfied repeat customers and word of mouth? Would this be a benefit and add to your bottom line?

The 7 Concepts of Customer Service is a practical guide and step-by-step resource that will help your company and your team foster an environment that is focused on delivering excellent customer service. In this short, and easy-to-follow book, you discover the Concepts by Joshua Kangley, that he has used to help him receive better reviews, personal recognition from CEO’s like Christopher Nassetta from Hilton, and move himself up the corporate ladder, and create successful businesses.

Learn what customers really want and what you and your team can do to achieve success in delivering the best possible customer service and keep them coming back from more!

So are you ready to get a leg up on your competition and be known for the best customer service and experience? Pick up this book and get ready to learn what it takes.