The Balefire Novella Collection: (The Fate Weaver Collection) – Regina Welling & Erin Lynn

All the Balefire novellas in one collection. Featuring stories from the Fate Weaver series and the Mag and Clara Balefire Mysteries. Includes
When Spell Freezes Over
When you find a half-dead Christmas elf on your lawn first thing in the morning, the day is sure to go downhill from there. Sisters Mag and Clara Balefire need to find a way to revive the elf, but first they have to figure out who stole his magical mojo. Welcome to the sleepy town of Harmony, a hotbed of hidden magic, intrigue, and small-town mystery.

When Spell Freezes Over is a short story that takes place in the timeline of the Mag and Clara Balefire mysteries but can be read as a standalone story.

Wicked Gift of the Witch
Hagatha Crow likes nothing more than causing trouble. When she takes on the magic of a Christmas wish made by a grief-stricken woman, Hagatha learns a lesson she won’t soon forget.

This is a standalone story from the Mag and Clara Balefire mysteries world. It is not, however a mystery. It is merely a witchy Christmas story that we hope you’ll enjoy.