The Bird that forgot what kind of Bird it was – A Picture Book for Kids Ages 3-5 years Illustrated with Cut-Out Colored Paper – Elisa Anderson

A fun easy to read story for kids and grownups alike!
This is a fun story of a bird that wakes up and forgets what kind of bird it is.
Will it be able to find out what kind of bird it is from the other birds on the field?
Find out in the book.

A book that is sure to compel early reading for beginners.
Every kid seeing the unique way this book is presented will want to pick it up read what the story’s all about. The book has been designed to be engaging and fun and will encourage your little ones to read the book to the end.
Remember that the best way to encourage your kids to read is by giving them books and more books and more books and… You get the drift.
So add this book to your kid’s reading collection!

This story is made entirely of paper cutouts for the reading pleasure of your little ones
This story is presented in a unique way, perfect for storytelling to little kids, using colored paper cutouts.
I’ve done all the hard work for you so sit back, download the eBook on your kindle and have a fun bedtime read with the kids!