The Boy of the Mosque – Ahmad Ardalan

In the Year ‪1258, Baghdad‬, the capital of the great Abbasid Caliphate, fell to the Moguls. Within hours, the city of enlightenment was swallowed up by darkness, another society becoming a victim of hatred and greed. The mighty Tigris flowed with blue and red, the blood of its people and the ink from the age-old scrolls of knowledge, all heartlessly washed away. In spite of the turmoil and chaos, twelve families managed to flee. Far away they wandered, leaving behind their beautiful homeland that had been reduced to death and rubble. Together, that remnant from Baghdad established a new community, one that lived in peace and harmony for centuries. Centuries later, in 2017, mercenaries and militias took over that charming village, threatening to destroy the happy existence the people had worked so hard to rebuild. What will be the fate of those innocent people and their heritage? That hangs in the balance as all must rely on one man, The Boy of the Mosque.