The Darkest Eyes – Mick Brady

Will Roan is at the top of her game career-wise. She’s a deep-sea submersible pilot who’s brainy, daring and cool. Her personal life couldn’t be more different. For as long as she can remember, she’s seen little gray aliens lurking in the shadows, watching her, stalking her. Will has managed to keep them a secret, but that has meant sacrificing a lot.

Presenting a sane exterior to the world has meant that she could never get too close to anyone, and she could never settle in anywhere. Physically and emotionally, she’s always been on the run. Lately, though, the grays have been threatening to tear down the wall Will has erected between her inner life and the real world. They’ve been relentless in their pursuit of her, infringing on the semblance of normalcy she’s constructed.

When a particularly frightening encounter costs Will her job, she makes her way home. She’s just in time for her dying mother — her dying, crazy mother — to give her an object that could explain away Will’s madness or draw her inextricably into its clutches. A beautifully carved crystal skull holds the answers to the mystery of Will’s life, her mother says. She can use it to cross a portal to Atlantis — her real home.

Will’s first instinct is to run, but her flight is interrupted when her beloved young niece disappears, the apparent victim of the aliens who have been tormenting Will. When Will decides to take the plunge into the unknown to find young Becky, she faces a multitude of challenges. Can she rescue the child? Can she trust the man who suddenly shows up to help her on her quest? Is she sane? Is anything she’s experiencing real? Is it possible that the fate of three worlds could depend on her?