The Day You Were Born – Daniel Greenbrook

A free prologue to the Deathweaver Series!

In a small, forgotten village at the forest’s edge, a half-elf warrior named Dramon watches helplessly as the birth of a child goes horribly wrong.

It started the night before: Deluara, the child’s mother, was gripped by a fever, and hasn’t got better. Now she’s in agony, and there is nothing Dramon can do to help her. As he looks at her he remembers how much is wrong with his world.

Deluara herself was just another young elf living on the border of their kingdom, until the humans came. The war between the elves and humans is over, but they still plunder their lands. Now she’s dying to deliver a half-elf like Dramon, a child born of that violence.

Dramon doesn’t know what to do. He wonders if her son will someday make a difference. But that is too much to ask of one half-elf.

Or is it?