The Divine Affliction – Robert Fleisher

The Divine Affliction is the story of an invisible terrorist attack on America by a treacherous host of enemies.
Department of Justice attorney, Derrick Daniels, investigates and prosecutes international drug cartels from the comfort of his desk. Reluctantly drawn into a field investigation, his life becomes a nightmare shrouded in mystery.
Derrick accompanies Savannah Ambrose, another Department of Justice attorney, on a mission abroad to meet with their counterparts in Pakistan. Together they investigate the possibility that rogue Arab states are using prions — the poorly understood cause of a multitude of deadly diseases including mad-cow disease and the incurable human form, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease — as a terrorist weapon against the United States. Derrick finds all control over his world is lost and replaced by a fate that may explain the ever-growing, international epidemic of violence and terror. The more he discovers, the less credible his tale becomes.
Upon their return to the States, assassins and inexplicable forces threaten Derrick and Savannah. Soon, the powers of ancient law collide with contemporary villainy to define the destiny of all humankind.
The Divine Affliction explores the use of stealth, violence, terror, and enslavement as a means to destroy the American people, whose most venerable enemy may be revealed when looking into a mirror. The cause of the rampant spread of vicious, irrational behavior that set its stain upon every echelon of society is postulated. Is anything in Derrick’s world real? Is America sleeping, unaware of the ultimate weapon of destruction?
Author, Robert Fleisher, created an interrogation scene that makes the one in Marathon Man look tame. Not for the faint of heart.