The Duke and the Spoiled Wallflower – Tessa Brookman

Because she is nothing short of his passion incarnated…

Lady Lydia Bennet is escaping scandal. After moving to London, she makes herself a promise: she will stay away from men and never wed. But when she finds out she has to marry Asher, the mysterious returning Duke, she’s forced to confront her dark past.

Asher Graydent, the Duke of Whitehaven, has dedicated his life to avenging his parents’ deaths. Upon returning from the Far East, he finds himself debt-ridden and the only way out is by forming ties with the Bennet family; by marrying their innocent, bluestocking daughter, Lydia.

As the bells of marriage ring closer, Lydia soon accepts she cannot escape her fate. Instead, she uses the Duke to exact revenge on the one responsible for her scarred past.

But as Asher’s lips touch hers, it’s suddenly proven impossible to resist him. But she must…or must she?