The Earth Crisis: The Demise of Earth and Inter-Planetary Migration to Ésfaïre – S Ramesh

“The estimated figure was off by more than fifty percent?!” InŪra was incredulous. “How is that even possible?”

“InŪra, dear colleague, these are the same people who denied the existence of climate change even as sea levels were rising and polar icecaps were melting before their very own eyes. Suffice it to say, empirical analysis is not their strongest suit.” ThĒmmus supplied unhelpfully.

It’s 2163, and a climate ravaged Earth is in grave peril. Faced with the prospect of extinction, desperate humans seek refuge in Ésfaïre, a distant exoplanet in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Ésfaïre is host to an advanced humanoid civilization which prides itself on its treatment of all things living and sentient. The prospect of millions of ‘primitive’ alien refugees pouring into their society, however, divides the planet and its inhabitants.

A short satirical story, the book chronicles the response of Ésfaïre to the issue of mass migration from Earth.