The Find – R C Ducantlin

A Short Story

Max, Mark, Randall, and Jamie loved summer and the pond at the old mill. This summer break was like every other year. Until it changed.

Everything changed when Max found the Orb at the bottom of the old mill pond.

Jamie wanted out of the dying mill town. She planned to leave in four more years, the day after high school graduation. Leaving was the only option. Jamie did not care which one of “her” boys took her away, she loved them all.

On the day Max found the crystalline Orb, it became his obsession. Why was the Orb warm when he pulled it from the cold pond water? What did the Orb have to do with the frequent daydreams about the future? He began to think he was being manipulated by the Orb.

Saving the boy from falling through the ice was the spark. Max knew the Orb was showing him important things in the visions. The mental trigger was the realization he could use the visions to help his friends.