The Fly and its Tail : A compilation of short illustrated bedtime stories with moral lessons (For preschoolers ages 3-5 and above ) – Elisa Anderson

This bedtime story book for children contains stories with moral lessons to teach little kids the values of life that will make them stand out in future.

Stories in this book include:

– The Very Long Named Monster Which teaches kids that no matter how different they may be, there’s always someone that’s just like them with whom that can be friends with.

– The Blank Emoji This story shows kids that what they cherish the least is most valuable to them when they don’t have it anymore.

– The Fly and its tail This story teaches kids the ills of wanting to have things other folks have without understanding that the grass only looks greener on the other side.

– Bonus Chapter: How to draw a teddy bear Kids love to do crafts and learn to do stuff with their hands so this bonus chapter will show the kids how to draw their favorite night time companion from scratch!

In this book kids will …
•Be told bedtime stories that have strong morals
•Enjoy soothing bedtime stories especially if they are kids of ages 3-5
•Enjoy colorful art in this picture book for children of ages 3-5
•Get a short and funny bedtime story that preschoolers and kids will like to read over and over again
•Get to learn how to draw a teddy bear all on their own!

Load this children’s book for kindle book into your kindle device and have loads of fun!