The Frugal Home Seller: Save Money, Spend Less, And Sell Your House For Maximum Profitr – Marshall Gary

One Of The Most Comprehensive, Innovative, And Hands-On Book You Will Find On How To Sell A House. Who Else Wants to Cut Costs, Increase Your Cash Earnings, And Have Less Stress Selling Your House?

The Frugal Home Seller is a breakthrough for sale by owner guide that will not only show you simple profit-generating tactics for selling your house but also help you gain a competitive edge over your competition.

Everything you need to know to sell your home successfully is in this book. The author pulls from thirty-seven years of real-world real estate experience to reveal his best insider tips and tricks which means you will save tons of time, money, and energy on the sale of your home.

You will easily gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to sell your home fast and for top dollar without a real estate agent for maximum profit.

Imagine the relief and excitement as you attach “SOLD” to your “for sale” sign. This is what The Frugal Home Seller can do for you!

Besides saving $thousands$ of dollars in real estate commission, we show you sneaky little ways to squeeze out extra profit on your home sale.

You will understand how to generate maximum profit from a minimum investment. We show you ample ways to increase your ROI or return on investment. Furthermore, you will learn to leverage OPM or other people’s money.

You will find a goldmine full of useful ideas designed to speed up the home selling process, collect your proceeds check quicker, and get happily moved sooner.

You will also discover fresh new content to help make learning how to sell a house fun and interesting.

In This One-Of-Kind Guide, You’ll Learn:

Ways to boost curb appeal without busting your wallet

The biggest deal-killer in real estate and how to avoid it

How to correctly determine the value of your home

10 questions to ask a buyer before you ever sign a sales contract

Everything you need to know to manage the legal paperwork from contract to closing

How to “position” your home to so it stands out in a competitive market

Quickly grasp the concept of frugal living as it relates to selling your home

How to turn eye-appeal into buy-appeal

Write killer headlines to maximize your ad response

The number one Open House technique to bring mountains of buyer traffic through your home

How to use “buyer attraction tools” to get more buyers

The number one key to selling your home fast and for top dollar

Easy techniques for hassle-free contract negotiations with your buyer

Get stunning twilight/dusk photograph conversions of your home for $4

Get your own single property address website – FREE

Simple, low-cost, methods to stage your home for maximum profit

Home improvements that yield the best return for your money

9 items that must be negotiated in a sales contract

Amazing do-it-yourself photographs made easy

A little known way to have unexpected home repairs fixed FREE

and much more

The author spent many exhaustive hours doing research to provide you tons of resources, vendors, products, and services for easy follow-up. More importantly, he wanted to make sure you had all the tools needed to take action and be successful in selling your home.

If you feel the book does not meet your expectations, we will refund your money.

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