The Ghost of Scarside Beck – H.E. Bulstrode

An animalistic mediaeval heretic returns to Lakeland.
A pair of newlyweds take up residence in an idyllic Cumbrian parish, but a curious carving in the local church seems to hold the key to their fates, as well as a link to the past. There is something in the fabric of the buildings, and in the feel of the earth of Scarside Beck, that evokes the timelessness of an eternal present, where a crossing over may occur at any moment. Here, the gossamer film that separates all of our yesterdays from today is apt to tear. Is it from the stone, or the sodden soil that this remembrance seeps, to be sensed, and felt, and yet not acknowledged by the conscious mind? There was something here, and it lingers still.

An understated ghostly novelette whose initial light tone builds to a dark, and chilling, climax. Also available alongside three other stories in the paperback/Kindle anthology ‘Uncanny Tales’.