The Homemade Diabetic Recipes Cookbook: How to Make Your Own Quick, Delicious, Low Fat and Healthy Meals for Diabetes Reverse – Pete Harris

There was a time when the diagnosis of diabetes involved the disappearance of the patient’s favorite food. But a greater understanding of the disease and how the body metabolizes different foods has managed to improve the diet of a diabetic person.
“It goes beyond counting calories and carbohydrates, “We used to think that all calories were the same, but that’s not the case, and how they are metabolized either.”
In a world where sugary soft drinks are a staple and desserts are a natural temptation, eating correctly can become a daily struggle. This is especially true for people with diabetes who must monitor their blood sugar levels very carefully.
In other words, you can eat delicious and homemade foods as long as you know what is necessary to plan a proper meal. These dietary principles are beneficial for everyone, regardless of diagnosis or condition.

This cookbook contains the general formula and homemade meals; it is designed for you!