The Last Love of the Leannán Sídhe – Liathán O’Murchadha

Annie Shea is not your usual Irish woman. She’s the Leannan Sidhe, an ancient member of the Faery Folk. She’s known for enthralling men and rewarding them with fame and riches. If they play her false, they die or go mad. It’s been the same for centuries until she meets Aidan Doherty, a handsome and sexy singer in a pub who is a bricklayer by day. He has an amazing voice and when she takes him home, their physical attraction becomes wild sex. The next morning, he’s loathe to go and she wants him to stay. Annie sets him up for fame but before it happens, he falls from a scaffolding at the job site. Warned by the queen of all fairies, Annie prevents his death but it’s time to tell the truth—if he believes it or not. Will they love forever or end it?