The Last Western – Christopher Lee Bowen

Civil War, 1861-1865, the origin of today’s political, economic and social conflicts and cause of the 19th century national transformation from farm to factory, town to city, pioneer to wage slave, Bible to Darwin, honor to profit. The story of this historic pivot set in Colorado 1882. Strong characters in a vortex of political corruption, genocide, rape, drug culture (1827 Merck company formed in Germany to produce morphine and later cocaine the start of today’s big pharma; the Union Army purchased 10 million morphine pills and an estimated 200,000+ addicts survived field hospitals to return home after the war), gunfighter nation (650,000+ killed in fratricidal war and the habit of killing sustained by hundred thousands of rifles and hand guns that remained in circulation after the war ), abortion, homosexuality, and abiding hope. Not to be missed!