The Letter – Margaret Lynette Sharp

Fitzwilliam Darcy’s affection for Miss Elizabeth Bennet appears undiminished by her emphatic rejection of his offer of marriage – so much so that he composes an impassioned, yet highly detailed, tightly reasoned, almost legalistic brief for her consideration, rebutting each of her stated reasons for her negative opinion of his character… then delivers this missive to her in person and on horseback as she walks alone in the peaceful woods surrounding the parsonage. He speaks scarcely a word other than to beseech her to read it, then turns about and leaves her to ponder his words. We are made privy to Lizzie’s reflections on Darcy’s heartfelt plea, and on her own deepest feelings as they evolve in response to his argument.

In this concise retelling of a scene from ‘Pride and Prejudice’, the depth of Darcy’s trust in his beloved is likewise revealed to us