The Lost – Edward McKeown

scientific expedition has disappeared in ‘trackless space,’ and only the ‘Lost Planet’ agency has a shot at finding them and rescuing the grandson of Shasti Rainhell, secret ruler of Olympia. And so it is that star-pilot Wrik Trigardt and his female android partner Maauro, set off for uncharted stars while enemies known and unknown bar their path.

Wrik and the ancient artificial intelligence ‘Maauro’ have formed the Lost Planet Agency are commissioned by Shasti Rainhell, greatest creation of the genetic engineers of Olympia, to find her grandson, missing with an expedition seeking the fabled Lost Colony of the first humans to leave the Sol System. But the Confederacy is wracked by enemies within and without and many would just as soon see the lost remain so. Wrik’s spaceship, Stardust, lifts for uncharted stars and unknown perils.

The third book in Edward McKeown’s The Maauro Chronicles, and set in the same universe as the Robert Fenaday/Shasti Rainhell stories, THE LOST continues Maauro and Wrik’s ongoing adventures as they discover secrets others dare not seek.