THE MAFIOSO MAFIA GANG: Bank Robberies, Cash Heist, Murders, Gangsterism and Drugs – Joe Odiboh

ABOUT THE MAFIOSO This is the story of a young graduate, Tony Munero and many other young graduates in Cape Town, South Africa in dare need of employment. They were deceived with a strange Ad in the newspaper for recruitment. The successful candidates found themselves in a strange initiation with drugs spiked into their drinks. Their training program was Gorilla warfare tactics and their tools of operation were sophisticated weapons of human destruction. Caught in this vicious circle of crime and violence, they all became very wealthy thieves and criminals and carried out series of armed robberies and cash heist, blackmail, extortion, kidnap and murders in the streets of Cape Town. Their operations of bank robberies and cash heist resulted in the use of a Police SAP helicopter to uplift the cash van from the street amidst serious security presence and public view. Like a crime movie, The Mafioso will blow the minds of the readers away as they painted Cape Town red with the blood of the innocents in this terrorising episode of money, crime, prostitution, gangsters and drugs.