The Monkey’s Paw: urban legend redux – Robert Gaspari

The urban legend reborn

Roy found a monkey’s paw hidden in a secret puzzle box. When he touched the relic, it released the scroll in its grip and the new owner read about the five wishes the sacred artifact granted him. These were blessings that came with karmic consequences and also cursed him. He needed to use the wishes within a cycle of the full moon and pass the paw on to another or he would die.

What could he do? Roy went to a gypsy fortuneteller for help and that’s where his roller coaster ride with destiny began. The spirit of the paw goads him in dreams and manifestations as Roy considers wishes that will not destroy his life. He uses a wish to unmask a serial killer and that complicates his life in unimaginable ways. Roy also struggles with a moral dilemma. Does he have the right to pass the curse on to another person? How does he resolve things as each day draws death nearer to him?