The Mountain of Desires – Ivan Kuznietsov

An inspiring story about friendship, courage, and the power of dreams.

“The Mountain of Desires” is the third book of the Big Little Stories series. All books in this series are related by themes and characters but can be read in any order. All stories have something in common—they are all about change and gives the impression that you are the main character of an exciting journey. You will discover the adventures of various characters, but all of them are essential parts of the big little story of our world.

This book tells the story of three young and ambitious friends searching for the truth. One day they decide to set off to conquer the most dangerous mountain. According to legend, at the very top of this mountain lives a mysterious sage who can make desires come true. But the path to the top is full of tests of loyalty, friendship, and courage. And even the mountain itself does not want to let uninvited guests in. The characters will have to face a wild beast, unbearable cold, incessant snowfall, and many other obstacles. This adventure is full of surprises, but travelers hide the main secrets.