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The Nazi Double Agent: Nazi Spy Mystery Series Book 2 – Alan Hardy

It is 1942. Three years into World War Two. Fiona, rich and privileged, is still enjoying a glamorous lifestyle. She is married to gorgeous, young Squadron Leader Matthew Manfred, more than ten years her junior. Everything seems to be wonderful. Fiona might easily imagine heaven itself had nothing to compare with her delightful life here on earth. But then… Something terrible happens. Something which changes everything. Something which becomes a matter of life and death. Something which she can’t divulge to anyone. The secrets start again. The subterfuge. The lies. The killing… What lies ahead of her? Nothing but intrigue, deception, betrayal and ruthless murder. And always there remain the two central questions… What is stunningly gorgeous Matthew up to? And the ultimate question… Whose side is Fiona really on?