The New Way of Soccer – Prof. Dominik Voglsinger and Thomas Mangold

A German best seller – now available in English!

The New Way of Soccer is for all soccer aficionados who seek to improve their understanding of our favorite sport—specifically, those who coach the game!

In this book, Prof. Dominik Voglsinger and Thomas Mangold introduce you to the fundamentals of soccer coaching, discussing important topics across a spectrum of technical, tactical, mental, and emotional considerations. By implementing these axioms, you will become a better coach—helping your players develop more quickly and efficiently—or start your new coaching journey off on the right foot. For players, too, this book will help deepen your intrinsic comprehension of all aspects of the game.

Major points discussed include:
Evaluating player character
Finding a common theme in your coaching principles
Defining coaching types
Interacting with your team
Setting goals
Implementing specific drills to improve player skills (with accompanying visuals)

These topics (and much more) are covered in-depth in this German best seller—now available in English!

Additionally, the authors compile their favorite exercises to serve as the pillars for your soccer practice, and purchasing this book will grant you access to a collection of videos showcasing varied drills and more!

Once you perfect coaching (and/or executing) these principles and drills, you will enjoy a tremendous soccer foundation that will serve you well in the years to come.