The Odd Pumpkin : A children’s bedtime story for early readers, kindergartners and 1st graders with a moral lesson: A read aloud tale for children about acceptance – Elisa Anderson

Get your kids to read this tale of how an odd pumpkin came to accept itself for what it was … Odd.
In the Oh-So-Dark Garden, there are pumpkins whose sole purpose is to scare anyone who dares to pass by the garden at night!
All the pumpkins in the garden are scary and can easily frighten the living daylights out of any fruit they meet – all except Pum-Pum – who cannot scare anyone because he’s an odd pumpkin

Will Pum-Pum ever be able to scare anyone?
If he can’t, will he be able to accept his oddness or will he try to change himself?

Find out in this intriguing and easy-to-read bedtime story for kids ages 3 to 5 and above.

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